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May 28, 2021 | Business Development, 1 Comments

Let’s start with answering some of the basic questions which you may have read or have tried to get answers to. How to find B2B clients? How to find B2B leads? How to find B2B companies? How to find B2B partners? How to find new B2B customers? – These all questions lead to a single answer that you will find on google. The answer is practice of sales makes you more and more valuable to achieve B2B clients for you or your company. In this blog, I am going to describe how I am getting B2B clients in 2021 using many strategies.


There are total many types of strategies in B2B marketing but never mind everyone has their own point-making versions and there are many types of activities in B2B marketing for lead generation, sales, and getting new clients.


There are no other blogs on google where you can find the real answer to all your question like – how to grow b2b business, how to grow b2b sales, how to grow b2b business online, how to generate more b2b leads and more – the simple answer to this question is also a Practice.


I would like to start directly from strategies,  if you want to read about all the basics like – What is B2B marketing? , B2B vs B2C Marketing, Why B2B Over B2C marketing? & What are the benefits of B2B marketing? and there a lot of blogs available on google please make yourself clear.


I am here to provide real answers and I don’t want to cover all the basics as this will make the blog lengthy & boring. There is a total of 6 types of key points that you have to embed in your mind to generate B2B sales funnel for you or your company. Take a stick note, write all these key points and stick it to the nearest wall or on your table. You will definitely see the results in 10-12 days. So let’s start,


Targeted Audience


The audience plays an important role in the B2B business, If you don’t know your targeted audience then, It’s waste of time, “My friend”. Targeted audience means you have to find the targeted companies/agencies/individuals who have a workflow in their pipelines or their sales teams make an extraordinary effort or have a very experienced team.




let’s say if you are a Sales Executive/Business Developer in an IT company. Then first, you have to find the targeted audience otherwise you are getting your clients which aren’t your company’s profile based or you just created the lead which will not end up as a client.


Personal example


I am working as a business developer in 3Brain Technologies where I have to find the B2B agencies to fulfill my quarterly target. I have done an analysis about the targeted audience for the company (because most people forget to target audience for the company) deeply and asking relevant questions before started finding agencies/companies/individuals.


Factor 1


If your company has employees of 10-15 then target B2B companies whose company has an audience is higher than 10-20% by your company(which are 20-25). It will create enough sales funnel to fill the monthly target. You may think why I have not selected companies who have 50-60 employees because you will get mostly no responses from them as your company is small and have less overall experience.


Here I want to end with that, Don’t target an audience that is 3x higher than your company’s profile.


Factor 2


I will target audiences which are having a fewer amount of resources and having a good amount of contact lists, which will create opportunities that you can grab whenever you will get in touch with those types of audiences. You can always jump-start your B2B by helping startups and small agencies but it will not help you to grow big it will make you stick to the same position where you are. basically, people always start B2B to grow 5X faster than regular B2C companies.


Here I want to end with that, Don’t target an audience that is not potential for your company’s profile or have a small number of employees otherwise, company will be in the same position for eternity and I would also like to say that try to find the appropriate audience with some good amount of analysis before starting targeting the audience.




The platform is the most second part where you can make fewer efforts to find your targeted audience. Let’s say that you have an audience from the USA and you are from the UK then how will you target your potential audience? so for that, you need an audience that is based in the USA.


The tools like Social Media Platforms, Business Listing, and Local Directories. This type of tool helps you find your potential audience.


Personal Example 

For my company, as I have been finding the companies from the business listing platforms like Clutch, Yelp, and Yellow Page and also from LinkedIn. Here I will find B2B companies, their CEO, their emails for cold email marketing, and also the contact number for cold calling. I will always try to make less noise while connecting any of the companies by any means. I will try to contact them first on a professional social platform like LinkedIn, Meetup & Bark. If the audience doesn’t respond then after 3-4 days I contact that company/agency/person via mail.


Convincing Power


The most and important part is this, You have to start convincing the audience that you are providing such type of services/offering. The way of representation is the most important part of the whole process. If you writing a proper draft along with the company profile then there are more than 40% chances to get a lead from your email/any contact means.


Don’t try to lose focus of ” what they want ” instead of  ” what we want to give “.


Personal Example

Well, I will draft the mail after watching the company’s profile, employee range, gross income, technologies there are working, and at the last CEO’s profile. There is a very thin line between a successful business developer and a business developer. Let me gave you an example of changing the perception of the people if they are looking for a single developer, this below makes a potential outcome.


You might never draft for the people who are hiring like they truly need a developer instead of an agency/company.


So I get 2-3 replays while including this line in the mail.


“It would be better to work with the agency instead of hiring a single developer with the same rates”


Here in the above sentence, I have created the hype about what if the single developer isn’t optimal.! like what if the single developer can’t meet the companies requirements and without distributing the company’s rate you need to convince that person to be your service base client instead of hiring. So you get the same amount of work task as the single developer task.


Try to provide solutions every time when you draft emails and give some good reason to contact them in the first place. 


Risk Factors


The risk factors are Time, Finance, and Marketing – you always getting less amount of time to fulfill the company’s/business sales funnels. The lack of time makes you feel delusional about getting new leads. Don’t try to lose focus in the way you are approaching till now.


Try to use fewer amounts of tools mostly which are paid versions. Try to use free versions of tools, I understand that you will not get all functionality of the tools for the first time. If you are really in need you can use trials as most of the tools are providing trials nowadays.


Finance is the toughest factor that will have to match every month’s ROI. basically, it depends on the strategies you will be going to implement every month. I will say that you can also achieve monthly ROI by investing in people who can bring business to your company/business.


As marketing stands here because due to increasing amounts of companies/agencies. You must need to stand out, If you don’t stand out then you will lose the market and most B2B companies are always getting attracted by highly demanded companies like Wipro, Cognizant, and TCS. I am not saying that you will try and grab those big types of B2B agencies at first.


It will create no sense if you are trying to achieve that. But some of them are trying via contractors and they end up getting projects but that will also take so much effort and time. Instead of that, you will try getting outsourced agencies that will increase the ROI.


Personal Example

For me, I always running out of time because I am thinking that I have to create a lead every day. Well, that is a good point but you don’t have to rush for that. Sometimes I think that I am not applying my complete efforts but that’s not true. You are applying your efforts but you might be in the wrong direction. Well, I don’t use Upwork for creating leads and I usually like to get in touch with the companies directly. So that I don’t have to buy bids for that, The bid are been counted in the finance after all.


Basically, B2B companies are always preferred to contact directly instead of sending their work on any portal like Upwork, Guru, and pay per hour.


In the end, I would like to say 4 things that you should remember –

“Don’t get too much excited about sales and lost the lead”,

“Avoid achieving target next day – mindset”,

“Try to get B2B agency with zero/fewer tools”,

” Finance & Marketing should act that way that its break-even point matches” 


Continuity and Consistency


There should always consistency in work. If you want to do any work then continuity must be maintained with consistency to achieve that target. Here I will say that you may have implemented all the above steps and you just left this strategy within 2 weeks then you will never going to get the output.


In B2B Business you have to be active and need to do continuous efforts. The dedication to this task must not be broken. If you get the lead in between then also you should not leave this strategy.


Personal Example

Well, I got many leads after doing all these things continuously, but at some point, I think that this is ok for this month and then started working slowly. This should not be happening as you should achieve your target, that’s fine but giving an extra effort to achieve sales is the real consistency. forget all the leads you bring, forget all the clients you bring to your company/business.  This is just the beginning.


In the end, I would like to say 2 things, You can achieve your target within the first 15 days otherwise the last 15 days of the month will be very tough. Achieving greater sales is the one lead of your life because you should not always have to be the Executive in this position. If you don’t do great sales your post will remain the Executive only for many years until you achieve the way to do sales.


Motivation and Support


Last but not the least, you definitely need motivation in sales. Try to watch a movie which is related to sales or you can read some good books to be motivated. Business people should always have to think that there is always a way to achieve a particular target.  If you lose motivation then you are not going to be a B2B lead generator or a business developer.


In the end, I will say “Stay Motivated and present full so that you don’t miss any sales”


Personal Example

I will always get support from my boss or company employees whenever I think I am distributed or sales aren’t working. I always get support from my senior representative and all. I will try to achieve monthly targets so that it won’t be any problem.


I guaranty no one written this type of personalized approached B2B Marketing blog in 2021. Because everyone is just using tools to change the text of the sentence and rewrite it.


I will always write my own working experience into the blogs and if anyone tries to make a copy then please don’t forget to give the credit to this blog.


Please comment if you find a B2B partner using this type of approach and help to share this blog. Thank you for reading this blog and I will keep writing until you see my blog in google feeds.


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