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Who is a Business Development Executive and what will be their role in your Company?


A Business Development Executive is a junior manager post with the job of helping his or her business grow and therefore after the experience, they will be promoted to the Business Development Manager. They are high-level Customers supportive professionals with the clients demands handler and Marketing Relationship professionals.

Their role is to assist their companies acquires new clients and sell each and every products which company manufactures. If the company is a service-based then BDE needs to utilized maximized services to acquires to get new clients. In short BDM(Business development manager) are in highly demanded in every job sectors. This includes B2B(Business to Business), B2C(business-to-custom) & even NPO(Non-Profit Organization). So let’s start 3 Reasons why you must hire a Business Development Executive in Your company


1) Business Growth


Business Growth is a stage where the business reaches the point for expansion and seeks additional options to generate more profit. Business growth is a function of the business life cycle, industry growth trends, and the owners desire for equity value creation.


How BDE helps in Business Growth?


The BDE has a various type of development methods where they can provide the company suggestion or the ideas where the company can expand or grow the company big. Let’s have some suggestion/ideas that can provide growth to the company.

If the company working on an IT firm and the company is a Product based. The company sells its CRM to an individual company for handling their day to day task easily. Now the situation is that the company CRM have a lacks in UI(User Interface). Like – the color or the theme or the custom UI is not suitable for the client or the CRM don’t look too User-friendly or the CRM isn’t attractive.

Now, BDE comes into the role where BDE can suggest to improve the UI or he/she can take feedback from the clients which are currently using and send it to their BDM for some improvement or can suggest making some changes as per the client’s feedback. Now the changes are been done and it will help the company to grow more because more user-friendly UI will attract most of the customer/agencies

It will create a positive impact on clients which are current/regular using company’s CRM. This was an ideal condition where the BDE can help you out for the Business Growth. Because small things aren’t very eye catcher for regular people.


2) Customer Growth


Customer growth is an entirely new way of looking at your business model, reflecting the shift in power from the buyer journey to the customer journey. The mindset makes all the difference. focusing on targeting the right customers at the right time with well-trained mindset can achieve customer growth and also unlock their competitive advantage.


How BDE helps in Customer Growth?


As I said that the BDE must have the ideas or the practical efforts for making the new customer with the positive impact or the healthy relationships maintaining ideas that will help company for the long-term with happy clients. Let’s have some suggestion/ideas that can provide growth to the company.

I will begin with a situation where the company wants to expand its e-commerce store to the next level. Now the situation is that how can a company implement this method with ROI. The company mainly have Risk management department or the finance manager where the ROI is been decided. So finally, everything is been decide under the company privileges.

Now, BDE comes into the role of how to implement this? Mainly the whole company is depending on the sales team or the BDE/BDM because implementing this is the biggest achievement. If it goes wrong then Company reputation or the company growth is been decreased practically. So now BDE/BDM suggested the idea of Affiliate Marketing it will create the chain of the customer by affiliating one customer to another.

This practical idea is been implemented by Amazon successfully and then so on. So the basic idea of new techniques will be implemented by BDM/BDE for customer growth.


3) Technology Growth


Technology Growth is not just implementing the new technologies to the company without seeing the front end or the backend of the company. Technology growth is one of the most relevant impacts on company growth. Technology growth will also impact on the ROI. Basically, what happens when a company works on technology for more than 5 years, no doubt the company has highly griped working techniques on particular technology but the new updated technology are available every year. A company must update its technology for technology growth. Let’s take an example of Android. The growth in technology will impact growth in company.


How BDE helps in Technology Growth?


First of all, I would like to say thank you for reading all the long. I would like to take an example of Nokia over here because everyone knows Nokia and everyone familiar with the windows phone. So let’s take an example of Nokia.

In 2000, Nokia is one of the global market holing company. So let me go straightly. Now, what happens the Microsoft is already having success in windows and they are also developing to fast. So what they decided is to collaborate with each other for the growth of the technology. Now, the Nokia BDE/BDM must have working techniques for adopting new technology. No doubt they adopt but they forget to take a handshake with the google. Google also provided working relationship offers to the Nokia but NOKIA DECLINE. The issue is that they aren’t adopting new technology which is android. The Nokia has a great loss in year 2014-2015 so working with the old methods not adopting new technology will cause you very dangerous loss in MNC(Multinational Corporation).

After one year of marketing loss, new BDE/BDM came with the new technique that we must adopt the android for sustain in the market. Mr. Rajiv Suri CEO of Nokia has successfully implemented their development methods for Company in 2015. Mr. Rajiv has increased the value of the company from approximately €1 billion to more than €10 billion. This is the power of the BDE/BDM.


You must hire Business Development Executive for Business Growth, Customer Growth, Technological Growth for your company.

Once again thank you for reading this article…❤️

What will you say do you hire BDE for development of your company?

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