Current Market About Smartphone Manufactures ! They Dumb or We ?

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I have been trying to reaching out to you peoples on a base of current marketing strategies. How the smartphone manufacturers are trying to sell devices on the name of Features! why they show so many graphics & videos even they are shot with the additional equipment! why people can’t see that? How the company hides that truth? let’s dig out some bitter tactics of Bigger Companies. Must read the whole article to acknowledge your brain. I have divided the article into 2 parts so that you can easily identify tactics.


What Do They Provide In The Name Of Features?


Let’s start with the features, We all know what actual meaning of Features and that is – “An additional functionality that helps humans to do their work in a more convenient way  “. What Smartphone manufacturers are giving now a day! except for some high-end manufacturers like Samsung & Apple.


What they are giving is like a higher processor than their previous smartphone. Does it make sense to you? they are selling their devices with their own devices by saying these devices are faster than previously. Like I short-out one of the Apple Product launches they say while launching – that iPhone XS battery is bigger than iPhone X ! what does that mean! why did they keep hiding their battery capacity?


Let’s talk about the Chines Smartphone manufacturers as they have been selling so many smartphones by just saying “We are providing more features!” why people buying their products as I want to give an example of India –  “Chines Smartphone Manufacturers covered 80% of Indin Population ”


Have you ever ask yourself the question that why smartphone Manufactures are not providing all the features in a single phone? Like Example of Xiaomi, they launch their Note Series every 6 months – Do you think smartphones need to be updated every 6 months? In an interview video of MKBH & Pete Lue(CEO of OnePlus) “The Pete Lue says that they have already developed their new smartphone before the launching of 6 months” – Now you get what I want to tell you…


The phone you are buying is already an outdated phone which is coming in the budget segment. I want to tell you another example of Realme – Realme Launched their new top budget segment Smartphone that is Relame 6i – They already have an old processor that has been launched in Dec-2019. Does it make sense to you? why would you buy the phone which has last year’s processor?


They have added the refresh rate to make it stand out in the budget segment but you don’t see the display is only 720P you will always give credit to 90Hz refresh rate. Why you do this? because the market is hyped with the features on It only not with the real functionality they are providing.


I will give you advice that you should not go with the budget segment again ever and ever to spend money with the outdated technologies. Every Smartphone manufacture is providing budget segment devices that kill your brain with outdated technologies & there is always the High SAR value to the head in the budget segment. Do you know what is SAR value? Which effects the brain and body cell to generate and cause mental effects like loss of memory. (You think that now I am doing childish talks but no that true you will find Higher SAR value to your HEAD in the budget segment & that effect more then you think)


What Do They Do To Sustain In the Market?


let’s figure out the dark truth of the mobile market in this new era of 2020, I will begin with the company name called BBK Electronics this is the MotherHub of some trustful brand like – OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme & iQOO. This all sub-brand company works under this MotherHub which has been providing complete Smartphone development & patient under sub-brands. So let me ask you this question that do you use any of the above mentation sub-brand devices? let me know in the comment below.  This MotherHub provides each and every component to the sub-brand which makes it much less cost of the product than you ever think.


They sustain in the market as follow up the trends in every particular feature (here again place a fugitive role in the name of feature) like – Refresh Rate, Liquid Cooling, Quad/Triple Camera, Battery & much more. They provide their device with this feature in every particular price range like between 12k to 15k – If you go with the 90Hz refresh rate then you will need to make a free fall for display resolution & battery- let me give you an example of latest launched Relame 6i which comes with the price range of 13k. It comes with the new trending 90Hz Refresh Rate but it has only 720P display resolution & batter of 4300 mAh.


“This is the speaking game that played underneath in the name of features ”


So the real sense that I want to make you is that don’t buy the budget segment devices with the name of more specification game that every smartphone manufacture are playing with you. Skip the budget segment devices or wait until the pocket money become that capable of buying a good phone.


There will always a new technology that is been available in every aspect ratio to you in day to day life but the technologies which make sense to you buy only that things do not go for every inch, either you lose or either you fall.


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