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Is This The Future Backpack ? Apple Can’t make it – Keeback

December 28, 2019 | Gadgets, 0 Comments

We all are finding a beautiful looking backpack within a year. As we all love to have a beautiful looking backpack as this is the whole new level Gadgets/Backpack were you have a lot to catch with this backpack. We are first to let you know the Backpack is launching in Q3 of 2020. Let’s go through the features.


  • Best Design Ever
  • RGB LED Display
  • 6 USB Sockets
  • Sensors
  • Changeable Shells
  • 20 WATT Speaker
  • 13,600 mAh Panasonic Battery
  • Light & Strong
  • UV anti-scratch coating



The Aesthetic design of this backpack is the most loveable design of the year 2019 and the backpack comes with the digital display which looks awesome and the first look of the Backpack will attract you the most. Be ready to stand out from the crowd. It’s a part of your style and a personal brand.

It has 200+ plastic, electronic, and fabric parts and the backpack is design with more than 2+ years of R&D in design.



The Backpack comes with the big Flexible RGB display that will show moods, Emojies, and many other beautiful & colorful designs. The Display is made up of LED which glows beautifully at the night time and it look so much damm cool at the time of travel. The display comes with the 1044 Pixel pixels for animation, text, music spectrometer, etc.

The Backpack also comes with the UV anti-scratch coating that helps/prevents scratching as well as dents.



The Keeback Backpack comes with the 4x USB port that allows you to charge the device at the time of travel. The backpack comes with the 2x inside USB ports & 2x Outside USB ports with rubber cap protection.



The Keeback Backpack comes with the 10W speaker inbuilt you just have to volume up the speaker so that you can enjoy the beats. The Keeback claims that output will be so saturated with deep Bass.



The Battery that comes inbuilt with Panasonic NCR18650B and has 13600 mAh battery capacity. It can give you all day of battery life and also charge your phone 2 times with this much battery capacity.


Switches & Fast charging

It has the Switch to On/Off your Backpack on bottom & has a rubber cap for protection. It also supports the fast charging for the 13600 mAh battery charging. It comes along with the charger so don’t worry.


Capacity & Changing Shell

The Keeback Backpack comes with the 8+ L of capacity and also you store 13 inches of a laptop into it. The Backpack comes along with the changing upper shell which you can replay with the current shell. It has the button to remove the shell.


Security + GPS

The Keeback Backpack comes with the security smart alert system which indicates the location and also sends an alert if the smartphone or the connection is far away from the backpack.



The Keeback Backpack comes with the 3 variant which looks so stunning.

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Transparent.


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