The New Cheapest 30W Fast Wireless Charger | Only ₹ 2,299

August 11, 2020 | Gadgets, 0 Comments

Mi 30W Wireless Charger, Is the new Cheapest 30W Fast Wireless Charger. As we know that wireless is the new trend nowadays in this game Mi has lanched its 30W fast Charger last month. The first question arises is that does it support apple and Oneplus?.  Yes,  The Mi Wireless charge is capable of charging One Plus Devices and Apple Devices with 30W full fast charging. The Mi Wireless charger is also capable of regular fast charging with 10w & 18w so If you have wireless charging capable device you will go with this device. let’s see the feature list & Box content.


  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Support 10w,18w & 30w
  • Silent Fan
  • QI Certified
  • 3mm Thickness
  • Ergonomic tilt Design
  • Foreign object Detection
  • 5 Layer of Protection
  • Temperature control Charging
  • Support 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • Wall adapter not included in a package
  • Silicon non-slip pads
  • Silicon Phone Holder



The Mi 30W wireless Charger comes with the 5 layer protection that includes – Over-Voltage Protection | Over-Current Protection | Over-Temperature Protection  | Under-Voltage Protection | Static Protection | Foreign Object Protection.

The protection is the first priority which we need to take care of will buying because wireless charger and its transfer the current through wireless, so if you put a key/metal object near to charger instead of flowing the current it will stop charging your device ” because it detects the metal near to the charger and stops flowing current that called to be – Foreign Object Protection”. I like this feature because it’s the most advanced feature I have seen in the Wireless Charger.



The Wireless Charger comes with the 3mm thickness with a builtin fan cooling technology which regulates the temperature below 38 degrees.  The Mi 30W Wireless charger comes with the builtin fan which is very silent that you never notice that there is a fan inside the Wireless Charger. The Wireless Charger comes with the builtin led light indicator that has 2 colors – Red & Green.


Build Quality

The Wireless Charger is a premium built design that looks more attractive as compared to other wireless chargers in the market. The Mi 30W Wireless Charger comes with the inbuilt stand design which holds the smartphone in a 100-degree angle. The Wireless Charger comes with the Silicon Non-Slip Pads which make the wireless charger more grip-able to the surface and it also has the Silicon Phone Holder which provides grip to the smartphone while you place the device.


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