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Your Client is your Key Chain of Marketing | Manu Kumar Jain

September 8, 2019 | Business Development, 0 Comments

I know you have arrived here just reading this title tag line. Do you know, how they hold No 1 brand from the past 1 years? let’s have a complete view & analysis from the year Sir, Manu Kumar Jain has started.

I would like to recommend you that you should read completely because in between you felt that this is not a type of marketing. you are reading just the good side of Xiaomi but this will be the truth and if you want to know how they become No 1 brand then read with the open eye insight.

I will start from the beginning when the company established and all related information. If you want to skip all this read directly from 4 Paragraph.

The Xiaomi is Established/Founded in the year of 2010 by Lei Jun. The headquarter is located in Belgium so all their new releasement of new products are been held first their. Xiaomi is not just a Smartphone Brand they are very innovating and they have proved by covering more than 200+ products by the year 2019. The Xiaomi is also one of the youngest company on the list of Fortune global by 2019.

The first Xiaomi phone launched in 2011 was the Xiaomi mi 1s. I would not like to make content longer so if you want to read more about Xiaomi mi 1s go here. At the time they have not much custom UI for the users but they have proven by given lastest feature and processor on the budget segment. They have started their smartphone brand at the lowest price in the market at ₹5999. They want to prove that smartphones can also be affordable to people who dream of buying it. Very Special Thanks to Sir, Manu Kumar Jain. For starting a new market trend for India.

One more thing I forget to let you know that Sir, Manu Kumar Jain is one of the Co-founders of Jabong Group. Read this Article for more information.

Sir, Manu Kumar Jain has completed his Post Graduation Diploma in Management from IIM Calcutta in the year from 2005 to 2007 and He has completed his Bachelor’s Degree from IIT Delhi in Mechanical engineering in the year from 1999 to 2003. He has also completed his MBA from ESCP Europe in 2006.


The First Marketing Strategies they have implemented is “More Specification, Less Price“. Note down this strategic.


First of all, I would like to let you know that there will be a common 4 types of pricing strategies.


  • Premium pricing
  • Penetration pricing
  • Economy pricing
  • Skimming strategy


Let me know more in a comment below before reading more about which type of marketing strategies Xiaomi has been used?.

They have used Penetration pricing for the Indian market – Market penetration pricing is a pricing strategy that sets a low initial price for a product. The goal is to quickly attract new customers based on the low cost. The strategy is most effective for increasing market share and sales volume while discouraging competition.

They set the price to low that they can break the market and sell their device at a very low price for the customer fetch. People are always attracted to the price range when the price is too high for low things or the price is to much low for the high things.

Can you let me know another example of penetration pricing strategies used by? Just a company? in a comment below.

“Consider that I have not been described as 4p’s of Marketing because it’s just the way everyone let you know about the marketing strategies”


The Second marketing strategies they have implemented is “More Demanded Technologies”. Note down this strategic.


Xiamoi is one of the fastest-growing company from the year of 2017. Xiaomi has done a fanatics job of adopting new technologies in a time interval of innovation per year.

Do you know, how many innovations have happened globally every year? China is on #14 rank in Global Innovation.

The demand for technologies is increasing every year by 30% of its current adaptations – for common peoples. The company targets the demand rate of the Indian public as well as the increasing sales by its first marketing strategies.

They have started adopting new mobile technologies like Qualcomm snapdragon processors, Displays, motherboards, cameras, batteries & other smartphone equipment. They have been providing the latest and updated smartphone specifications in comparing to other smartphone brands at its price range. They have decided to target technologies along with the price range comparing to other smartphone companies. Even they are ahead in innovating smartphone marketing strategies as compare to apple and Samsung.


The Third marketing strategies they have implemented is “Let Be Client, The Seller”. Note down this strategic.


In another sense, this marketing strategy is also called influencer marketing strategies. In this marketing, the person who buys the product can directly communicate with the development team or the marketing team for the feedback or the problem they are facing and the company provides related replay to the person who has to send the feedback/problems to the company. The company listen to the people and solve all the problem as well as the company make the portal for that

Do you have any idea about this type of portal? let me know in a comment below ? do you get the idea ? off ohh.., Do you remember Mi community?

Let me brief you why they have designed this community portal, they listen to the people/clients/users by this portal. How they react after using their smartphones. The company also provide badges to the people who have higher interactions with the community peoples as they have threads and also competitions of many topics like Camera, games and many other.

Indirectly they hold the customer line along with the client’s/User expectations like what they want in a new smartphone and what they except before launching new smartphones.


More Specification, Less Price + More Demanded Technologies + Let Be Client, The Seller = Manu Kumar Jain


These top 3 marketing strategies Sir, Manu Kumar Jain has implemented in his working business model since 2014.

For further business development strategies learning and reading stay tuned for more updates and articles.

I hope you like reading this article and do comment below so that I can also excited to write more articles on business development.

Once again thank you for reading this article…❤️

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